For over 15 years Riosat SL has been providing internet connectivity, VOIP telephone services and smart home solutions to consumers and businesses throughout Spain.

Our services include:


We use VOIP gateways that allow you to have a normal telephone number but use your internet connection to make the calls.

These work without the need of your pc being turned on.

Your phone number can be Spanish, British, Dutch, German, etc. so that your friends, family &/or clients will be able to call you on a number local to them.


Not only can we get internet to your location, we can install multiple access points around your home &/or business or install these from your existing internet connection, all setup with the same local network to make sure you never lose wifi signal.

We can provide systems to control every aspect of your local network.


We install scalable systems for monitoring and managing your home so that you can view live video and recordings of your property from anywhere with an internet connection.

We provide Ubiquity Unifi

Ubiquity’s Unifi range will supply you with a centralised, manageable and scalable local network

Variety of available access points provide ample WiFi coverage, indoors and out.

Cloud key provides remote login to controller software for managing every aspect of your network.

Unifi video provides motion detection, event recording, email alerts and live viewing.

Security gateways provide advanced routing such as firewall policies and virtual network segments.