No internet access, no landline ?

Spain is a wonderful place to live - great weather, fabulous views, lovely people.... But if you live outside of a main urbanisation - or even within many of them - getting a high-speed internet connection can be quite impossible.

Which is where we come in...

RioSat is dedicated to bringing broadband internet to Spain at a realistic cost.

Over the last few years there has been a huge expansion both in the numbers of people moving to the countryside of Andalucia and in the use of the internet. It is probably fair to say that internet access is now a necessity, rather than a luxury!

The potential internet users in these areas thus had only the options of using:

  • A Telefónica radio-phone, if you have one. If it's one of the old-type radio phones, forget it! At best you might get 14 kbit/s; at worst, nothing! If it's one of the new phones it may still be a bit slow and intermittent. 
  • Use GPRS over a mobile phone (like a dongle etc). This can be quite a good solution for e-mails, but unless you have a very large bank account , forget it for serious web surfing.  Check the small print, could result in very high tariff after normal usage has been consumed / unusable speeds etc etc
  • Install a satellite groundstation. This is now old technology but can give you good performance  - but we are talking serious capital outlay here and is old technology now- anything from €1,000 with hefty monthly subscription from 60€ upwards. Sometimes this is your only option if you are very remote and in a valley unable to pick up from any base stations. Contact us for details. click here