Wherever you are, we can help!

RioSat uses ground-based broadband, which means reliable, high-speed communications, but we have the expensive equipment, and distribute it to you via low-cost wireless networking. The up-front costs are much lower, as are the monthly subscriptions.

The distribution of broadband in the campo can be many and varied! So we have several options to offer you:

RioSat Network  - This is using WIMAX technology which allows the transmission of data and voice without the need of a conventional telephone line.  A small antenna is installed on the outside of your property, similar to a Satellite TV install but with much smaller equipment.  This, in turn, connects to a main base station to provide you with your broadband connection.  To find out more please contact us click here for coverage maps click here

Other Solutions -  If you are unable to come off our network please complete the application form click here.  We cover most of Spain.

Low-Cost Telephones - Various types of low-cost telephone services are available on all systems. And when we say low-cost, we mean low-cost!  These use VOIP gateways that allows you to have a normal telephone number but uses your internet connection to make the calls (which is why it´s so cheap - cutting out the many exchanges you would have to pay to get to your final destination call).  These work without the need of your pc being turned on.  Your phone number can be Spanish or alternatively UK, Dutch, German etc etc, there are many available at present.  A good example would be: your family are all in the UK and they have friends and family available for free calls to say 10 UK numbers.  They then add your new UK number to their friends and family list and they call you for free ! BONUS !  To find out more please contact us click here

Also you can use the Skype or other PC based Voip Systems which can be a perfect alternative for keeping in touch with friends and relatives worldwide.